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Federation of

Muslim Educational Institutions (India)

Joint Efforts 

To bring together Muslim Educational Institutions

at national level without interference

in the internal functioning of institutions.


To protect the rights and pave way

for development and progress of

educational institutions in a democratic,

constitutional and peaceful manner.




Federation of

Muslim Educational Institutions (India)

Headquarters: D-319, Dawat Nagar,

Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi – 110 025

Telephones: (011) 2694-1401, 2695-1409

Fax: 2695-0975




The rapid changes being made in the educational system of the country are worth considering. To go with the pace of time as well as maintain our status and position, it is necessary that we get acquainted with day-to-day changes and developments and take proper measures accordingly.

The Government too appears to be taking some measures in regard to the picture of Muslims’ educational, social and economic backwardness portrayed by Sachar Committee Report and the recommendations advanced by Ranganath Misra Commission. Various educational schemes have been floated for the minorities; action is being taken on some of them and some others are still under consideration. To take benefits from these developments and government and semi-government schemes is possible only when we are properly acquainted with them and all the details of the procedures thereof are available.

Another important issue is that of the standard of education in most of educational institutions of the community. In the competitive age of today it is not easy to achieve some considerable mark with poor standard educational institutions. To outshine those who are leading in the various branches of knowledge, arts and sciences, today, indeed we will have to make more strivings than they do. Only by doing so we can pin hope on having somewhat bright and brilliant future.

The attitude of bureaucracy and the powers that be towards rights of minorities is a big obstacle. We have to face such obstacles even in enjoying Constitutional rights. The need is to make concerted efforts in this regard.

Inclusion of objectionable lessons and parts thereof into syllabi is also an important issue. People belonging to a particular group want to give education a particular colour and direction; existence of Islamic madrasas appears to be a thorn in their eyes; efforts are being made to bring madrasas under constant fear and harassment and to let them take defensive position by levelling allegations of sorts against them.


Important Need of the Hour

These circumstances demand that collective efforts are made to find solution to all the problems of the educational institutions of the country. Let there be some national organisation, institution or federation that can make joint strivings to meet the following objectives in a manner that its voice cannot be ignored. This is an effective way to get our demands fulfilled in a democratic set-up.

The schemes devised for educational advancement of Muslims and the funds allocated for minorities’ educational institutions by the Government hardly come to the notice of the managers and administrators of Muslim educational institutions spread over the length and breadth of the country, as a result of which they do not derive due benefit from such schemes, and on the other hand governmental schemes also remain unutilised.

The funds allocated for building construction of educational institutions and procurement of infrastructure therein are not utilised. Likewise, funds for scholarship fail to reach poor and deserving students due only to lack of awareness. Whether it is the case of opening a model school, modernisation of madrasas, or providing science and computer facility therein, community institutions remain unaware of most of such schemes and fail to derive proper benefit therefrom.


Establishment of a Federation

It is the need of the hour to hatch a comprehensive programme for the educational cause, and form an educational federation of Muslim maktabs, madrasas, schools, colleges, and professional and vocational institutions. Keeping this in view, Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions has been formed. It enjoys the support and confidence of great educationists, legal luminaries, and socio-political leaders of national importance. By the Grace of Allah, the process of registration from the Government of India has been also completed. Educational affairs are related to government at both central and state levels; and in certain circumstances state governments prove more effective as it is they that exercise their powers to implement schemes and programmes. Keeping in view this importance, the central and state setups of the Federation will strive for achievement of the following Aims and Objectives.


Aims & Objectives


Aims and Objectives of the FMEII are as follows:

·         To strive collectively for due rights of the educational institutions; and to provide legal assistance, if necessary.

·         To protect the constitutional safeguards available to the community, in the field of education; and to benefit from them.

·         To assist the educational institutions in raising their quality.

·         To provide information about facilities available to governmental and non-governmental organizations; to seek and provide mutual co-operation.

·         To promote co-operation and coherence among the associated institutions.

·         To form a sub-agency, if necessary; for benefiting from government schemes; overcoming legal hurdles.

·         To include religious education and create an Islamic and ethical environment.

·         To propose curriculum, purge the textbooks of undesirable content and positively influence the educational policies.

·         To strive for expansion and consolidation in the fields of education and training in the community.

·         To promote research and development in education.

·         To organize educational surveys, as needed; to pay special attention to girls’ education.

·         To keep abreast of innovations and development, at the national and international levels; in the fields of instruction and education.

·         To promote consistency in the religions and general curriculum.

·         To maintain active contact with other institutions and associations in the community for the sake of universalization of education.



The Federation will strive in the light of peaceful, constructive, democratic and Islamic teachings to achieve its Aims and Objectives, and keep in view moral etiquette in all its work.


Area of Operation

The Area of Operation of this Federation will be the entire country of India. This Federation will be the federation of managerial / administrative setups of educational institutions. It will be related to every kind of educational institutions of the community – modern, religious and vocational. It will neither interfere in nor question about the internal administration of its affiliated institutions. However, it will deal with the mutually agreed affairs according to its constitution.


Code of Conduct

v  Every member institution will have to shape the campus environment according to moral teachings.

v  Every staff member of affiliated institutions will perform his duties with a sense of struggle, dedication and honesty.

v  He will be sincere and punctual in fulfilment of his responsibilities.

v  He will try to promote better environment in the premises, and to lead the institution in the greater interest of the country and the community.

v  He will not get himself associated with the Federation in personal interest.

v  He will keep from undue racial or other prejudice and any special treatment.


Last Words

Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions has been formed to meet a very important need of the hour. This is important for the community as well as for the progress and development of the country. Come, let us move forward for a peaceful, positive and constructive struggle....



Let us make efforts in a way that can

·         Express our collectivism, unity, zeal and inherent qualities.

·         Provide legal and constitutional guidance for educational institutions of the community.

·         Pave way for joint efforts for solution of all issues of community educational institutions.

·         Introduce schemes and programmes devised by the Government for educational advancement of Muslims.