Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions (India)

Fostering collaboration and development among Muslim schools

Welcome to FMEII (pronounced as “fem-ee“), a community of educators dedicated to helping teachers and schools succeed. We offer a range of resources and services to support teachers and promote school improvement, with the goal of empowering institutions and transforming education.

Our Vision

To facilitate the collaboration and advancement of Muslim educational institutions at the national and state levels, while respecting the autonomy of each individual institution and promoting their development and improvement.

Our Mission

To protect the rights and pave the way for development and progress of educational institutions under Muslim managements in particular in a democratic, constitutional and peaceful manner.

Our Objectives‚Äč

We support the collaboration and advancement of Muslim educational institutions, while respecting their autonomy and promoting their development and improvement.

Legal Protections‚Äč

Advocating for the rights and legal protections of educational institutions.


Improving the quality and effectiveness of educational institutions.


Collaborating with government and non-government organizations to access resources and overcome challenges.

Promoting Cooperation‚Äč

Promoting cooperation and coherence among member institutions.

Religious education

Prioritizing religious education and creating an Islamic and ethical environment.

Research & Development

Staying informed about national and international developments in education and promoting research and development in the field.

Latest Updates

Meet Our Leadership‚Äč‚Äč

Prof. Manzoor Ahmad


Shaikh Mujtaba Farooque‚Äč

Secretary General

Salimullah Khan‚Äč‚Äč



Glimpses from some of our recent events.

Message from the President

It’s a moment of contentment for us that Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions (India) has completed seven years of its services by now. From dream to a functional reality, the Federation has traversed its formative days in a humble but creative and contributory way. Meanwhile, it was duly registered, it spread its reach to 18 states where state committees have been formed. We are optimistic to have benign response from our members, associates and well-wishers.

Prof. Manzoor Ahmad

President FMEII and Former Vice-Chancellor‚Äč

Strengthening the future of Muslim education, together.

Join our community of educators and help us strengthen the future of Muslim education. Together, we can work to improve the quality and effectiveness of educational institutions, advocate for their rights and protections, and stay informed about the latest developments in the field. Join us today and be a part of something bigger!