FMEII Karnataka Chapter State Executive Member Meeting

Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions (FMEI), Karnataka Chapter
Minutes of State Executive Members Meeting held on 11 January 2021
(10:30 am-5:00 pm)

An online and offline meeting of the Executive Members of FMEI, Karnataka Chapter was held on 11 Jan,2021.
Following Executive Members, State President, State General Secretary, National General Secretary joined the meeting:
• Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmad (Trustee, FMEI)
• Shams Tabrez (General Secretary, FMEI
• Mr. Abdul Qadeer (President, FMEI Karnataka)
• Mr. Mohammad Asifuddin (General Secretary, FMEI Karnataka)
• Mr. Mohammad Asimuddin Akhtar (Secretary, North Karnataka)
• Mr. Haroon Bashah (Secretary, South Karnataka)
• Mr. K. Abdur Rahman (Secretary, Coastal Karnataka)
• Mr. Iqbal Ahmad (Treasurer, FMEI Karnataka).
• Mr. Quazi Abdul Muheet (Executive Committee Member)
• Mr. Mustafa Kamal (Executive Committee Member)
• Mr. Basharat (Executive Committee Member)
• Mr. Aslam (Executive Committee Member)
Special Invitee
• Dr. Saad Belgami (State President, JIH
• Hafiz Aslam Janab (Secretary, Edu. Dept. JIH Karnataka)
• Mr. Asim Jawwad (Zonal Secretary, SIO Karnataka)
• Mr. Mohammad Naseer (Organizing Secretary, SIO Karnataka)
• Mr. Raza Manwi (Secretary, AIITA Karnataka)
• Mr. Riyazuddin Ahmad Roon (Secretary, Board of Islamic Education)
Mr. Abdul Qadeer, President, FMEI Karnataka, chaired the meeting.

  1. The meeting was initiated with the Tazkeer-e-Qur’an by Mr. Mohammad Asimuddin.
  2. Mr. Mohammad Asifuddin welcomed all the executive members & guests present.
  3. Mr. Abdul Qadeer delivers inaugural speech.
  4. Dr. Belgami Mohammad Saad, in his keynote address, while giving guidance said that the bright history and contribution of Muslims has been forgotten in the new education policy. We need to think about how to make up for it and consider how to address this. Consider providing to the institutions with technical and academic support to take advantage of government schemes.
  5. In the open session points emerged and after due discussion and deliberation, following decisions were taken for the upcoming days:
    • Audit services will be taken of CA Mr. Asfaque and Mr. Abdul Muheeb Khan.
    • 2 days state Tarbiya’a program will be conducted at Bengaluru (29 & 30 May 2021) and Gulbarga (26 &2 27 June 2021).
    • A professional lawyer will be identified after discussion with Mr. Abdul Muqtadir and Mr. Neyaz (APCR Bengaluru) for the educational institutions’ cases such as Managements vr Parents/Teachers/Governments/Educational Departments etc.
    • Mr. Syed Saadat will provide Govt Schemes details and information.
    • Zenitce Academy & Zenitce School, Frezar Town, Bengaluru will be State Office.
    • An office secretary will be appointed bt Mr. Iqbal Ahmad.
    • SOPs for the school management will be obtained from FMEII Head Office.
  6. The house also approved the budgets.
  7. Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmad deliver Concluding remarks.
  8. Mr. Abdul Qadeer conveyed in his presidential speech, it is important to consider what we are teaching children, how they are studying and in what environment they are studying. I will cooperate and support will be always with the Federation.
  9. The meeting ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Iqbal Ahmad.

Shams Tabrez
General Secretary