MTB, FMEII, AIITA Jointly Host Lecture on Use of AI in Teaching

New Delhi, March 10: The Markazi Taleemi Board (MTB), All India Ideal Teachers Association (AIITA) and Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions of India (FMEII) jointly organized an online program on How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help Teachers here Saturday.

This online program was the third in Teachers Empowerment Lecture Series.

Dr. Mohammad Abdul Sami Siddiqui, Director of Centre for Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teachers at Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) delved into the topic, How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help Teachers.

Mr. Siddiqui elaborately explained what is Artificial Intelligence, its challenges in the present scenario, and how it will be a helping tool for teachers.

He said AI is the output message of the repeated inputs we give. ChatGPT is the generated artificial intelligence that configures our given message and then gives output message in detail.

He further said that AI is not new to us. Earlier we had been using it in other forms like customer services, for example booking gas cylinders on WhatsApp.

There are three forms of AI like OpenAI in the form of ChatGPT (text to text), DALA2 (text to image), and the third form is text to video, he added.

He emphasized that teachers can use the various tools of Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT for messages and Gamma for making PPTs and PDF, etc. for different tasks. He gave an example to explain to the teachers that ChatGPT can be used for various teaching purposes like preparing a lesson plan. He also said that to get the desired output messages from ChatGPT, we have to be very specific while giving input messages. He further said that teachers can get basic information from ChatGPT and thereafter they have to check and edit it.

At last, he said there is no need to fear from new technologies. The technology provides ease and facilitates our work. It saves our time, provides basic and important information with little effort.

Dr. Siddiqui belongs to Nanded, Maharashtra. His article on the above topic has been published in several newspapers. Oxford University, England especially invited him to present his paper on the said topic.

A large number of teachers from across the country attended the online lecture and demanded more such lectures to be organized.

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